Portable Gas Detection Devices

Portable Gas Detection Devices

Portable Gas Detectors - O2 CO H2S LEL Gas Detector Portable detectors are used to monitor the atmosphere around personnel and are either hand-held or worn on clothing or on a belt/harness. These gas detectors are usually battery operated. They transmit warnings via audible and visible signals, such as alarms and flashing lights, when dangerous levels of gas vapors are detected.


The Tango® TX1 is among the safest single gas detectors available today. Patented DualSense® Technology includes two of the same sensor for the most accurate reading and to ensure the monitor is functional and reliable, regardless of current bump test practices. • Lightweight and wearable personal gas monitor • Two-year run time • Optional AlarmAmp™ increases audible alarms to 110dB • Guaranteed for Life™ warranty DualSense Technology The Tango TX1, Ventis Pro5, Radius BZ1, and SafeCore The module incorporates revolutionary patented DualSense Technology, which includes two of the same type of sensor to detect a single gas. The two sensor readings are processed through a proprietary algorithm and displayed as a single reading to the user. DualSense Technology ensures that regardless of your current bump test policy, you will be significantly safer than you would be using an instrument without redundant sensors

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