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GIANTS team works from design concept development to the completion of the construction works, including furniture and decor placement. We supervise the interior implementation, discuss issues with the construction team, and control the entire process of construction and procurement: create a clear project schedule that shows when and what needs to be purchased. We consider the project completed when all the furniture and even decor are in place!


GIANTS create designs in a collaborative environment enabling us to deliver the client’s ultimate vision. Our designs are current, yet still possess a timeless style generating broad market appeal.

Turn-key Interior Solution.

GIANTS Interiors offers a full suite of custom interior services, from concept through completion, that you can tailor to the specific needs of your unique project.


Our reputation for outstanding service and our innovative design style creates an extremely successful partnership with our clients. It is our passion to constantly pursue fresh inspiration. Our designers continually search for the most compelling design styles and highest quality of materials available. Hours of extensive market research allow us to create each design specific to your target market. We take pride in our work ethic, our eye for innovative designs, and our commitment to our clients.

Turn-key Interior Solution

One stop solution: The best advantage of GIANTS turnkey interior solution is, it provides integrated solution where we controls and manages the entire interior design project from start to finish, reducing the level of stress and work involved of other professionals like carpenters, painters, masons, aluminum and glass vendors, electricians, etc. Cost Effective Budget: Before turnkey interior solution provider, we have to segregate our costing as per hiring of different professionals. That is why the project budget exceeds. But in turnkey interior solution, a project manager will manage all of the spending on the project with our budget and we will have just one supplier to make a payment to. It makes costs easier to track and budgets easier to analyse. Delivery on Time: As turnkey interior solution provider will provide you with one timeline and manage all workers contributing to the project, that is why we will get our project on time. We can monitor one timeline, and receive updates from one point of contact, instead of managing multiple suppliers and professionals at one time.

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