Gas Detection Systems

GIANTS Egyptian company Gas Detection Systems.

GIANTS offers world-class quality and unparalleled customer service for a full range of Gas detection systems are used for a wide range of applications and can be found in industrial plants, refineries, pharmaceutical manufacturing, fumigation facilities, aircraft and shipbuilding facilities, hazmat operations, waste-water treatment facilities, vehicles, indoor air quality testing and homes, Fixed gas detection system, Portable gas detection system, Wireless gas detection system, detectors specifically designed to monitor, Toxic Gas Detectors, Carbone Mono Oxide (CO) detector, Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) detector, Ammonia (NH3) detector, Chlorine ( CL) detector, Refrigeration gases, LEL Combustible Gas Sensors : combustible gases, LPG Gas Sensor Module Gas Detection Sensor Methan Propane, Hexanes, hydrocarbons, Hydrogen Cyanide, Methanol and more, as well as detectors that monitor and sense oxygen deficiencies in the air, In-house manufacturing eliminates long lead times and ensures quality-controlled products that meet the needs of our clients worldwide.

All Detectors that Monitor and Sense, as well as Fixed, Portable, Wireless, Gas Detection Systems, Gas Devices Calibration.

GIANTS Supply all Fixed Gas Detection Systems, Portable Gas Detection Systems, Wireless, Gas Devices Calibration, Detectors that Monitor and Sense, in Egypt.

Gas Devices Calibration

It is essential that any gas monitoring system should not only be calibrated at the time of installation but also checked regularly and are-calibrated as necessary.


Fixed gas detection

It’s a permanently installed system that normally consists of 3 parts gas sensor, control panel and alarm that provide automatically response to gas leak.


Portable gas detection

It's a small handheld gas detector which is used in settings where fixed gas detection is not a feasible option that worn or carried by an individual.


Wireless gas detection

Wireless gas systems are designed for continuous monitoring of toxic and combustible gases in the air. Due to their wireless nature, there is no complex system configuration that is needed.


EGAS Registration Number

Our Registration Number - 24844 - in the Egyptian Natural Gas Holding Company EGAS

Protection for Oil & Gas field with several Safety Systems installed in the main Oil & Gas industry, both onshore and offshore.

GIANTS Engineering is specialized in Fire Protection for Oil&Gas field with several Safety Systems installed in the main Oil & Gas industry, both onshore and offshore. Our role is to guarantee the best Fire Protection for Oil&Gas activities based on client-specific needs and technical sheets. The staff of our Engineers and Proposal Managers ensures tailored-made products and services delivering added value projects in one of the industries at the highest risk where the vastness of the site and the harsh climatic conditions also require special attention. Our comprehensive range of Fire Protection Devices & Systems for the Oil&Gas industry is very wide since we are specialized in the integration of the main Fire & Gas detectors and systems in the world starting from fire detection and alarm systems to fire suppression systems. We offer effective, efficient, and cost-effective project completion and complete support throughout the plant life cycle. In particular, we have extensive experience in different Fire Safety System and Device that guarantee excellent Fire protection for the Oil&Gas industry

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